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June 15, 2010



Yes, prayer changes everything.


YES - prayer can totally change the course of your life. God won't move until you ask Him. Yes, he already knows what we need and want - but He desires the closeness that only comes when we talk to Him.

You should always pray in tongues - because the Holy Spirit is praying the will of the Father out into your life.

If things aren't the way you want them - then pray. God does move mountains.


I think one of the hang-ups many people have is that God doesn't seem to "work" quite like he did in the times recounted in the OT. Why, for instance, are all of these supposed miracles (parting the Red Sea, the burning bush, etc.) isolated to only one desert tribe in Palestine? Why did God choose to reveal himself there rather than in some other part of the world where people could actually read and write (China, for instance). Why, if you get your arm lopped off in war, is there a 100 percent chance that it will not grow back? Why, in short, doesn't God influence the material world these days like he did then? Or, did he change his mind about that too?

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